GRAMMAR EASY: To be - bị được
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To be - bị được

Tiếng Việt
Để diễn tả ai được hay bị gì Tiếng Việt chỉ cần phải thêm chữ được hay bị trước động từ. Nếu muốn rõ thêm thì sau đó với bởi ai đó. Thí dụ:
. Tôi được dạy dỗ.
. Tôi được dạy dỗ bởi cha mẹ.

In English, họ dùng động từ to be đứng trước động từ chính có thêm ED. Thí dụ:
. I am educated.
. I am educated by parents.

Cấu trúc
to be + verb+ED (động từ có ED), hoặc
to be + verb+ED + by...
Để ý: Những động từ có thể thêm ED như cấu trúc là những động từ quy tắc (regular). Những động từ bất quy tắc (irregular) xem bảng Irregular Verbs.

Thí dụ:
. I am educated.
. The baby was bathed by her mother.
. The author was awarded by the committee.
. New members are welcomed by VietDitru.
. Bad guys are killed by good guys.

1. Đọc cho thành thói quen những thí dụ trên.
2. Tự đặt 10 câu có cấu trúc này. Nếu không nghĩ ra thì kiếm những câu trong bài học có cấu trúc tương tự.

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To be - bị được (1)

01. My teeth was filled by dentist.
02. Fields were reaped.
03. This pizza was toasted by the baker.
04. Electric wive was connected.
05. That window is opened.
06. My computer was turned.
07. This shirt was washed by my mother.
08. These roads are cleaned by hygiene worker.
09. The play was perfomed by actors.
10. She was burdened with debts.

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Em nộp bài nha anh.

1. My house was built 20 years ago.
2. The traffic was stuck by an accident.
3. My cell phone was lost on a bus.
4. The cat was arrested by a dog.
5. The high mountain was covered by thick snow.
6. This song was covered by a famous singer.
7. My school was closed for Tet 10 days last year.
8. This man was told to go downstair to meet his friend.
9. He was divorced last year.
10. I was late this morning because I slept too late last night.

10. My car was changed the oil by my mechanic twice a year.

Tự thú: hàng sưu tầm.

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I was late this morning because I slept too late last night.
late là tĩnh từ, không phải là động từ ở thể ED.

Đọc lại bài giảng và thí dụ cho kỹ.

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admin cho chauongco hỏi:

Khi nào dùng am, is, are + verb + ed?

Khi nào dùng was, were + verb + ed?

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1/ The thief was arrested by a police.
2/ A boy is injected smallpox vacin by nurse.
3/ The murder was returned life imprisonment by jury
4/ He was taught a kind person by his parent.
5/ The princess was turned a bird by magiccian.
6/ She was given a hat on her birthday by her sister.
7/ I was given a wonderful farewell party by my workmates.
9/ She was given a car by her father.
10/ The picture was painted by a gifted artist.

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chauongco wrote:.
Khi nào dùng am, is, are + verb + ed?
Khi nào dùng was, were + verb + ed?

Một cái là bị, cái thứ hai là đã bị. Thí dụ:

1. She is treated by a dentist.
Cô ta đau răng. Cô ta được chữa bởi một nha sĩ. Một sự hiển nhiên, lần nào đau răng cô ta cũng được chữa bởi nha sĩ.

2. Yesterday she had a toothache. She made appointment and was treated by a dentist.
Sự việc này xảy ra hôm qua (quá khứ) nhưng chưa chắc là hiển nhiên. Có thể những lần đau răng khác không chắc hẳn được chữa bởi một nha sĩ.

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(Mồ hôi bắt đầu rớt xuống từng giọt, từng giọt.)

         Tobe - Bị Được

1. I Was dissappointed to know my score.
2. The pictures taken by a professional photographer are going to be on display.
3. I Was bitten by my neighbor's dog.
4. I got arrested by the police because i was driving drunk.
5. Yesterday I went to the temple by my motorbike.
6. I bought my plane ticket to VN by my credit card.
7. He was being questioned by the police at that time.
8. Several new English lessons are being considered by admins.
9. These contracts should be signed by the manager today.
10. The dog was run over by the car.

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1. That films was showed in Vietnam.
2. I've started to work, so I'll finish.
3. She finished at 6:30.
4. I loved it.
5. I was watched it on TV.
6. He thanked me and said you're welcome.
7. The car was washed by myself.
8. The flower are bloomed.
9. I taked that photograph.
10. What happened?

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2. I've started to work, so I'll finish.
3. She finished at 6:30.
4. I loved it.
5. I was watched it on TV.
6. He thanked me and said you're welcome.
8. The flower are bloomed.
9. I taked that photograph.
10. What happened?

Tất cả những câu trên đều sai.
tomry ôn lại bài nha.

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2. My calculator is started to work.
3. Her homework was finished at 6:30 yesterday.
4. I'm loved from my mother.
5. That lesson was watched it on TV.
6. He was thanked by me and he said: "you're welcome".
8. The flowers are took care my son everyday.
9. I was took that photograph by my friend.
10. What are you happened?
11. The baby was born in a hospital.
12. My hand was pained.
13. They were lost all money.

@ admin! sao mà rối rém áh!
I need to try much more

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GRAMMAR EASY : Tobe - bị được
1/ I was fell the Interview because my dossier not persuaded to the officer yet.
2/ I was knew to this forum by a close friend.
3/ Vietditru forum was attracted by many good topics.
4/ I was learned English by the íntruction of Admin and English service of forum.
5/ I was occupied by a person who first came here,because i was came so late.
6/ Coffee is prefered by a bitter taste and sweet smell of it.
7/ The plants were covered by snow in the winter.
8/ I was burned my hand by boiling oil in a pan.
9/ My close friend was fell ill by the cold weather.
10/ The floor was wiped by the diligence in myself.
Hello everybody! have a nice weekend!

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Bài làm chỉ có 1 câu đúng. Thuyngoc học lại bài này bên American way nha.

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I were passed this examination
My daughter was cold yesterday by the bad weather
These accidents were happened by the drivers not unsafe
She was given a laptop by her husband.
They were died by the storm last year
He is played at the club with his friends
My books were bought many years ago
His car was painted last month
Her hair were cut yesterday.
My parents were divorced last year

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I am passed this examination
My daughter was fell yesterday morning
These accidents were happened by the drivers not safe
She was answered very good.
They were to jump out this car
He was sang at the club
My parents were traveled to USA last year
Những câu này sai.

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GRAMMAR EASY: To be - bị được
1, 2, 3


1. To be - thì là
2. To be - It's easy
3. To be - Video
4. To be - đang làm
5. To be - bị được
6. To be - quá khứ
7. To be - tương lai
8. To be going to
9. To be - câu cú
10. To be - Review

20. To do - Trợ động từ
21. To have - Rồi Chưa

25.1 Verb - Chia động từ
25.2 Verb - 5 Thể
26. Verb - Bất quy tắc
27. Verb - Trợ động từ
27.1 Verb - Can
27.2 Verb - May
27.3 Verb - Will
27.4 Verb - Shall
27.5 Verb - Must
27.6 Verb - Have to
+27.7 :Verb - Ought to:

+28. Verb - Gerund
+28.1 Verb - Verbal Noun
+29. Verb - Conditional

+30. :Từ vựng văn phạm:
31. Sentence
31.1 Questions - Yes No
31.1.1 Yes No
31.1.3 Very
31.1.4 Very Too So

31.2.1 -er -est
31.2.2 more most
31.2.3 less least
31.2.4 as as
31.2.5 good better best
31.2.6 bad worse worst

31.3.1 Something Nothing Anything
31.3.2 Some No Any

31.4.1 Dịch Anh/Viet 1
31.4.2 Dịch Anh/Viet 2
31.4.3 Dịch Anh/Viet 3
31.5 Questions - WH
31.6 Questions - Choice

32 Adjective

33.1 Both .. And
33.2 Either .. Or
33.3 Neither .. Nor
+33.4 :Both Either Neither
+33.5 :Both of
+33.6 :All None
+33.7 :Quantifiers

+40. :Numbers & Order
+40.1 :Used to - Đã nhưng không còn:
+40.2 :To be used to - Quen thuộc:

70. feel look seem smell sound taste
71.1 THERE - Có
71.2 IT - Trời
+80. :Mệnh đề:
+81. :Tense Voice Mood:

90.1 Cách thêm s (1)
90.2 Cách thêm s (2)
90.3 Cách thêm s (3)
90.4 Cách đọc chữ s
91. Cách đọc động từ "-ed"

100.1 Noun
100.2 Countable & Uncountable noun (1)
100.3 Một số giới từ theo sau động từ
100.4 Cụm động từ 3 từ trong tiếng Anh

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